11 Best Bariatric Bathroom Scales (500 lbs+ Capacity)

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Keeping track of your weight can be pretty daunting, especially if you are a heavy person. Many scales on the market do not measure accurately over 300 pounds. The good news is that there are high-capacity scales out there for you to choose from for people that weigh 400 lbs and some high-capacity scales that can weigh people over 500 lbs.

heavy person on bathroom scales
Many bathroom scales don’t weigh up to 500 pounds. Look for higher lb capacity and a wider scale platform.

If you are looking for a high capacity scale that can hold upwards of 500 or more pounds you will really have to look into the specifics of the scale and look for bariatric scales that are not only designed for the weight but have heavy-duty construction that will hold up to the extra weight. 

There are a lot of scales that are designed for high capacity, and we have taken a look at some of the top choices.  

Our favorite is the My Weigh 700 lb Talking Bathroom Scale, it has a lot of great features, especially the fact that it reads your weight out loud so you don’t have to try to look down or see past your belly to see the display on the floor (which for many of us may be difficult). This EatSmart model has a 550 lbs capacity scale is a good budget pick.

However, there are several others that we thought were worth mentioning as well. We also covered several commercial-grade scales that could also be for home use but are designed for clinical or professional use also. We’ve included a seated model as well as a wheelchair ramp model.

Some of these scales can measure up to 1,000 pounds making them the only option for some morbidly obese patients where the 500 or even 700-pound models are not stable or large enough to stand on safely or simply do not have the weight capacity needed. They also include large platforms and hand rails for safety. 

Best 500 lbs Capacity Bariatric Scales

EatSmart Precision 550 Pound High Capacity Digital Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Precision 550 Extra Wide Digital Bath Scale w/550 LB Capacity Stainless Steel
EatSmart Precision (Image: Amazon)

First up we have this EatSmart model high capacity scale. 

It weighs up to 550 pounds, so it has a pretty high weight limit.  It also has some other great features, including a really large platform space. This scale has a large, 3.7″ LCD display and blue backlighting, making it easy to read. The weight reading locks in so you can step off the scale and still see the measurement. Stainless steel has a sleek look for any modern bathroom and makes it durable. The .2 lb increments make it easy to accurately track weight loss/gain. The Eatsmart you can also switch between pounds and kilos. 

Let’s take a look at some of the other features.


  • Large display that actually keeps your weight shown so that you can get off of the scale to see how much you weigh. 
  • The beeping feature makes a noise when your weight is displayed so that you don’t have to wait.  
  • Weight shows almost instantly, so there is really no wait time.
  • The auto shut-off feature helps to save the battery life by turning the scale off after a few seconds.


  •  Sometimes it is hard to see the display while standing on it.
  • There is no way to track your weight loss with this scale.  
  • It does not have any memory to keep previous weights for tracking.
  • It weighs around eight pounds, heavier than some other similar scales.

My Weigh 700 lb Talking Bathroom Scale

My Weigh SCMXL700T Talking Bathroom Scale, 700lb/320kg Capacity, with Focus Rechargeable AA Battery Pack

Next, we have the My Weigh 700 lb Talking Bathroom Scale.  This scale has a lot of great features and has been known to be super accurate. It has a sturdy look and feel that is built to last. The larger, wider platform is designed especially with heavy persons in mind. The wide, sturdy platform will give you solid footing and balance.

While it has a clear number display that is easier to read than many average scales, the great feature of this scale is that it actually tells you your weight out loud! Great for people with poor vision but also a nice feature if you have a hard time seeing your current scale over your belly- since the scale talks to you there is no need to look down.

My Weigh bathroom scale is also one of the highest capacity scales on the retail market, holding up to 700 pounds. While there are other high capacity scales that match these, they are often sterile-looking medical devices designed for doctors offices and hospitals-that would look weird in a home bathroom, whereas this scale has a sleek and elegant all-black design that will fit in with most home bathroom decor. 


  • Ultra-large platform that allows you to stand with ease, without fear of it not being large enough.
  • Has a feature that actually allows you to hear your weight, spoken aloud.  
  • You can even change the language of the voice (English, French, German, Spanish)
  • You can weigh in different modes, including pounds, kilograms, and Stones.  
  • Versatility and allows it to be used by people all over the world using different standards of measurements.


  • Inability to track progress,  no memory available to store information from previous weights.
  • Some consumers say that the latch to the battery door is weak and sometimes falls off causing the batteries to fall out.

iDOO Heavy Duty Precision Ultra Wide Oversized Digital Bathroom Scale

iDOO Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology,High Precision Measurements,Large Platform LCD Display,440lb,Elegant Marble Design
iDOO Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale (Image: Amazon)

Finally, we have the iDOO Heavy Duty Precision Ultra Wide-scale.  This scale is not only really wide, but it also is durable and steady.  It also has some other great features that you will want to know about. The main disadvantage is that it doesn’t hit the 500 lb max. We debated adding this scale to the list but since many of our readers are looking for a high capacity scale but don’t necessarily need to 500-pound so we decided to include it since it still goes up to 440 pounds and is reasonably priced. Because of the features and stylish marble design, we wanted to include it on our list.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the other details of this scale.


  • The marbled design is an elegant accent to any bathroom.
  • Four precision sensors ensure that you get the most accurate reading of your weight each and every time.
  • Backlit display allows you to see your weight, even in the dark.
  • Large, easy-to-read screen.


  • It doesn’t quite hold 500 pounds.  It can hold up to 440 pounds safely.  
  • If you weigh more than this, then this is not the right scale for you.
  • You cannot store previous weight readings, but that is really not something that is common in higher capacity scales.

Seca 700 Physician’s Balance Beam Scale with Height Rod

Seca 700 Physician's Balance Beam Scale with Height Rod
Seca 700 Physician’s Balance Beam Scale with Height Rod. (Image: Amazon)

One of Seca’s bathroom scales for heavy or obese people, the 700 Physician’s balance beam scale with height rod is best for people until 500 lbs. it has a slip-resistant cast iron base and anti-tip column, a vital feature that keeps the patients safe when they are weighed and measured. It is also printed on both sides thus both patients and nurses could read the weight. It has a large and low-level platform so it is easier for patients to step in and off.

It comes in the following dimensions:

  • Net weight is 35.7 lbs or 16.2 kg
  • Width is 20.5 inch or 520 mm
  • Height is 61.3 inches or 1, 566 mm
  • Depth is 20.5 inches or 520 mm
  • Graduation is 1/8 lbs
  • The capacity of up to 500 lbs

It has built-in transport castors for easy mobility. Buyers can choose to add an optional measuring rod ranging from 23.62 to 78.73 inches for time-saving one-step weighing and measuring. It comes with a 5-year warranty when bought.

The Seca 700 is available in five other versions, namely: kg only with a stadiometer, lbs only with a stadiometer and handle, lbs/kg with no stadiometer, lbs only with stadiometer, and lbs/kg with a stadiometer.


  • The quality and precision accuracy of the Seca 700 Physician’s Balance Beam Scale with Height Rod is considered excellent, almost unerring in its measurements.
  • The scale is made of good quality materials.
  • Users found the readings of the scale very trustworthy.


  • The rod gets in the way when weighing.
  • It is a little difficult to assemble.
  • It is a bit heavy.

Health-O-Meter Digital Professional Waist High Beam Scale

Health-O-Meter Digital Professional Waist High Beam Scale, Silver
Health-O-Meter Digital Professional Waist High Beam Scale. (Image: Amazon)

The Health-O-Meter Digital Professional Waist High Beam Scale has earned itself the moniker “The Doctors Scale”. It is best for professionals and consumers and deemed very accurate and in excellent quality. It is designed for precision and ease of use. It is recommended for use in spas or workout centers.

The scale’s digital weight display is waist-high so it becomes easily readable to users. It is durable and has a non-skid black platform. It runs on six AA batteries or on an optional 120V adapter. It can support users up to 500 lbs.

The scale comes in this dimension: 6.5 x 58.5 x 20.1 inches. It weighs 29.5 pounds. It has wheels for easier mobility. It is covered on a two-year warranty.


  • The durability of the Health-O-Meter Digital Professional Waist High Beam Scale makes it a sought-after product as people see it as an investment they can keep for many years.
  • The waist-high display makes it easy to see the reading. There is also a read-out option for people who want to just hear the results. It can also calculate the BMI of users.
  • It is praised for being easy to assemble.


  • It is on the pricier side of the spectrum so some people may not think it is practical to own it.
  • Because it is digital, it needs to use power from batteries or through electric sources which deem it difficult to use outside.
  • It needs its own space since it can’t be tucked away unlike bathroom scales.

My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale

My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale
My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale. (Image: Amazon)

My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale is part of the maker’s XL series of bathroom scales that aim to cater to the heavy population. It is a good scale to have especially for people who have eyesight problems. Aside from all of the easy-to-use features, it also comes with thirty years warranty.

My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale basically reads the user’s weight out loud. Users can choose whether to have the pleasant female voice read the results or flip the switch on the bottom of the scale to take the more traditional approach. It shouldn’t be a reason to worry especially that the weight display is nearly one and a half inches tall.

It is relatively easy to use because of its step-and-weigh feature. There is no need to bend to switch the scale on since it only needs to be tapped with the foot and it becomes ready for use.

Those who are rather worried about the scale scratching on their floors, the good thing is it comes with scuff resistant foot pads that keep it from sliding around. It also protects the bathroom floor.

Finally, My Weigh vouches on the quality of their products by issuing a 30-year warranty. Problems with regards to the scale within this period entitle users to repairs and replacements if any.

This scale comes in the following dimensions:

  • Platform size is 14.7” x 11.25”
  • Scale size is 14.7” x 12.5” x 1.6”
  • Weighing modes are pounds and kilograms
  • 550 lbs capacity x 0.2 lbs resolution plus kilogram mode


  • It is very easy to operate and use.
  • It is durable.
  • The voice feature is endearing to users because it is friendly and isn’t too loud.


  • It is made of plastic and kind of creaks a little.
  • Some problems like reading issues could arise a couple of years after purchase.
  • It is on the more expensive side of the spectrum.

Health-O-Meter 500KL Eye Level Digital Medical Scale

Health o Meter 500KL Eye Level Digital Medical Scale, 500 lb./220 kg Capacity, Calculates BMI
Health o Meter 500KL Eye Level Digital Medical Scale. (Image: Amazon)

Health-O-Meter 500KL Eye Level Digital Medical Scale is seen to closely resemble a mechanical physician scale but with the edge of digital technology and other functions such as Body Mass Index calculation. It comes with a strong aluminum column and a large, non-skid platform that adds to its strength and durability. This scale features a user-friendly interface for BMI, Hold/Release, Kg/Lb, Zero, Enter, and Clear functions – all of which can’t be offered by a mechanical fitness scale.

This Health-O-Meter 500KL electronic fitness scale can weigh up to 500 pounds and 0.2-pound increments. This scale is equipped with wheels to make it more portable than other scales on the market. There are different power options that include using six AA-cell batteries or 120 AC adapter ADPT31.

The scale has the following specs:

  • Capacity – 500 lb / 220 kg
  • Resolution – 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg
  • Platform Size – 13 ¾ “ (W) x 16 ½ “ (d) x 2 3/8” (h)
  • Height Rod – 30” – 84 ¼” / 76 cm – 214 cm
  • Display – 1” LCD


  • The features of the scale endeared it to many users.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is durable and heavy-duty.


  • The AC adapter needs to be bought separately.
  • It can be difficult to calibrate.
  • There are discrepancies in its readings.

Health-O-Meter 594KL Digital Chair Scale

Health O Meter 594KL Digital Chair Scale, 18-1/4" x 14-1/2" x 17-1/2" Seat, 600 lbs. Capacity
Health O Meter 594KL Digital Chair Scale. (Image: Amazon)

Health-O-Meter 594KL Digital Chair Scale is different in that it has folding rests and side arms so patients stay comfortable during the process. It runs on a rechargeable 6-volt battery or an AC adapter. It also has heavy-duty casters that make moving easy.

Unlike other scales that demand users to stand on it, this one was designed so patients in hospitals that need a chair can be weighed accurately – the differently abled patients, for instance, can use this better. It is also comfortable as it measures 18.25” x 15” x 17.50” dimension. It can change weight units simply by pressing the Kg/Lb keypad on the weight indicator. It can handle up to 600lb or 280 kg. Some of the functions are lb/kg conversion, lb/kg lockout, zero out/tare, and auto off.

These are the specifications of the scale:

  • Capacity x Resolution – 600 lb x 0.2 lb (270 kg x 0.1 kg)
  • Seat – 18.25” x 15” x 17.5”
  • Arm Width 20 ½”
  • Product dimensions – 33” x 24” x 37 ½”


  • Suits people who can’t stand on a conventional scale
  • It is made of durable materials
  • It is easy to move


  • It’s an expensive, professional scale so may be prohibitive for some home use.

Medical Heavy Weight Floor Scale by Patient Aid

Medical Heavy Weight Floor Scale: Digital Easy Read and High Capacity Health, Fitness and Physician Portable Scale with Battery and AC Adapter - Pound and Kilogram Settings - 550 lb / 249 Kg Limit
Medical Heavy Weight Floor Scale (Image: Amazon)

Patient Aid PA-550XL Portable Medical Scale is best used for home health care, hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. It comes with a remote display which allows it to be mounted on a wall or to be placed on a table using the display bracket included in the packaging.

This portable digital scale has a low platform so users will be extra comfortable and would have peace of mind when stepping on and off the scale. It has an anti-slip built-in rubber mat to keep users safe all the time especially when their shoes or feet are wet or damp. It is easy to transport to different rooms or to outdoor venues. It can be operated using a 9V battery.


  • 550 lb weight capacity
  • Easy to read remote LCD display
  • Platform size – 12” x 12.5” x 1.8”
  • AC adapter or 9V battery power
  • External calibration
  • Hold function for recording weight


  • This scale is well-constructed
  • It is lightweight and can be easily transported
  • It is accurate.


  • The base is a little heavy especially if the user has limited mobility.
  • Frequent recalibration may be necessary.

Health-O-Meter 3001KL-AMX-AM Antimicrobial Platform Scale

HealthOMeter - 3001KL-AMX - AM Antimicrobial Platform Scale-Extended Handrails
HealthOMeter – 3001KL-AMX – AM Antimicrobial Platform Scale. (Image: Amazon)

Health-O-Meter 3001KL-AMX-AM Antimicrobial Platform Scale is unique in such that it reduces the risks of patients getting infections especially if they are to use it in medical facilities where people with different diseases. It comes with an antimicrobial powder coating that uses sustainable silver ions in order to inhibit the growth and transmission of harmful microorganisms.

It is a product that withstands frequent use, disinfection, and movement. It has a convenient transport handle that allows users to move the scale easily. Its scuff-proof wheels for smooth and easy portability.

It has “Live” handrails, an advanced technology that allows patients to hold onto them for stability while they weigh themselves. The platform is low-profile so it doesn’t need a lot of movement to get on and off the scale.

Here are the specifications of the scale:

  • Capacity – 1, 000lb or 454 kg
  • Resolution – 0.2lb or 0.1kg
  • Platform size – 22” (w) x 15 ¾” (d) x 2 5/8” (h)
  • Display – 1.5”/38 mm high-contrast color TFT-LCD screen
  • USB connectivity
  • Power source – 6 D batteries or optional 110-240V adapter


  • Anti-microbial properties for hygiene
  • Can be easily transported
  • Made of durable materials


  • The height rod is optional add-on

Health-O-Meter 2500KL Digital Wheelchair Ramp Scale

Health O Meter 2500KL Digital Wheelchair Ramp Scale, Capacity 1000 lbs, Resolution 0.2 lb, 29-1/4" x 28-1/4" Platform, 28-1/4" Width x 9-7/8" Death Ramp
Health O Meter 2500KL Digital Wheelchair Ramp Scale. (Image: Amazon)

Health-O-Meter 2500KL digital wheelchair scale is big enough to accommodate a person up to 1000 pounds. The electronic wheelchair weighs in both pounds or kilograms and has a motion-sensing weighing technology for optimal performance. It can be used either as a platform stand-on scale or to accommodate a regular chair and wheelchair.

The scale features BMI, Auto-Off, Zero, Manual Tare, Reweigh, and Hold/Release functions. It has a 180 ° swivel head for side reading. It has USB connection functions, too. It also has an audible or mute sound option.

It is a device that can be used perfectly for weighing using standard size wheelchairs. Patients can be weighed in a seated position. It comes with a chair accessory.

These are the specifications of the product:

  • Capacity is 1000lb x 0.2 lb
  • Units can either be pound or kilograms
  • Display size is 1.5 inch / 38mm high-contrast color TFT-LCD screen
  • Platform dimensions: 29 ¼” x 28 ¼” x 2 ¼”
  • Ramp dimensions: 9-7/8” (d) x 28-1/4” (w)
  • Overall dimensions: 36.75 (L) x 40.25 (W) x 49.4 (H) inches


  • It is multi-functional and can be used at home or in clinics and hospitals.
  • It is accurate.
  • It can accommodate up to 1000 lb.


  • It is on the expensive side of the spectrum.
Not all bathroom scales are created equal
Not all bathroom scales are created equal | Photo Credit: rawpixel

Buyers Guide: High Capacity Bathroom Scales 

When it comes to shopping for a bathroom scale, especially a high-capacity bariatric scale, you will need to take a few things into consideration.  First, look for a scale that holds a minimum of 500 pounds, to ensure that it can withstand the weight.

You should also take a look at the size of the base that you will be standing on.  If you have larger thighs, your stance will be wide, so it is important to have a large wider platform at the base of the scale.  This will not only help you to feel more comfortable on the scale but also gives some added stability.

Having a larger platform also makes it easier to see the numbers on the scale that might be hidden from view – with a lot of smaller scales on the market it can be hard to see the display when looking down as it’s blocked from view by your belly. Bigger platforms with a larger number display help solve this problem for heavy persons. 

There are other features that you may want to look for in a scale as well, such as the ability to track your progress.  Tracking progress is really easy when it is built into your scale, but this isn’t a must-have feature.

Bariatric scales can accommodate heavier people
Bariatric scales can accommodate heavier people | Photo Credit: Pixabay

Finally, consider looking for a scale that is easy to read.  Digital scales are generally the easiest to read, but there are some out there that have extra-large displays that make it even easier, and there are even some that will talk to you!  

If you are looking for high-capacity scales, you may also be in the market for a heavy-duty toilet seat.

Did you know there are special toilet seats for heavy people?  These wider, larger seats and heavy-duty construction designed to hold 800 lbs or more. Apart from their high capacity,  they make sitting on the toilet much more comfortable for a heavy person.

You can see our top picks and reviews in the link above. We’ve also done a round-up of heavy-duty bedside commodes and heavy-duty shower chairs as well.

As you can see, there are a lot of great high-capacity bariatric scales out there for you to choose from.  Make sure that you find a scale that will not only support your weight but will also be easy to see and track.  This is why we recommend the My Weigh Talking Bathroom Scale. You are sure to be happy with this high-capacity scale, or one of the others that we mentioned.  Just be sure to check the maximum weight on any scale before you purchase it.

Also if you are carrying this amount of weight, for safety reasons you might want to consider a bariatric shower stool which can allow to you sit in the shower and are made with no-slip features that make it safer to shower and to transfer in and out of the shower.

You can check out our detailed reviews and top picks for the best heavy duty shower chairs here. 

Each bathroom should have a scale
Every bathroom should have a scale | Photo Credit: Vecislavas Popa

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