Best Single Bath Vanities 24 Inches & Under

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Fresca FVN2302GR-CMB Hartford 24
The Fresca Hartford (24″ Width Vanity)

If you are looking to do some renovation in your bathroom and improve its overall aesthetics, one key element is the bath vanity you choose. In a compact bathroom this is an especially important decision since a bulky vanity can take up precious space.

Bath vanities can be the glue that holds the entirety of the bathroom’s design together. There are several choices, in terms of look, when it comes to bath vanities. You can go for a modern look or a more traditional approach, it is all up to you.

For those with a relatively small bathroom, a single bath vanity that is around 24 inches or smaller is probably the size range you’d want to look at. In this article, we will talk about factors that you need to consider when you are looking for a bath vanity.

Afterward, I will be giving you a list of the top single bath vanities 24 inches and under to help you better figure out what to pick.

If you are dealing with a small bathroom and trying to make it look and feel more spacious, combining a slim vanity with a compact toilet specifically designed for smaller spaces can be a great combination to transform your bathroom.

Bath Vanity Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a bath vanity there are a couple of first steps that you need to take care of before heading out to your local hardware store. Let us go in-depth with what you need to consider first and foremost before going out to but a bath vanity.

Measure Your Bathroom Space

When measuring the overall space in your bathroom there are several tips I would like to point out.

  • Leave some extra space when measuring your bathroom space. Take into account traffic flow within the bathroom. Will your bath vanity block pathways or impede the bathroom door from opening? Will the drawer and cabinet doors of the vanity obstruct the path or hit the bathroom door? You have to make sure that the vanity’s overall dimension (closed and open) will still allow for easy navigation within the bathroom.
  • Take into account the placement of electrical outlets, switches, and mirrors when planning out where to put the bath vanity.
  • Determine where the plumbing is located in the bathroom. This should greatly help narrow down your options when choosing a bath vanity. Pick a vanity that is compatible with the bathroom’s plumbing to ensure that you won’t need to re-adjust the plumbing which can cost a fortune.

Bath Vanity Considerations

When choosing the right bath vanity, it is important to include measurements for vanities with tops. Don’t forget to include the storage space you will need and how many will be using the vanity cabinet. The height of the bath vanity depends on who will be using it (if you have small children you may want to limit the height and avoid extra tall vanities).

The typical bath vanity cabinet widths are 23-inches, 30-inches, 36-inches, 48-inches, and 60-inches. As for height, you can find vanities that range between 31 to 35-inches. Normal depth in bath vanities on the other hand range between 17 to 24-inches.

If you are looking for a bath vanity that does not come with its own top then you should consider your countertop’s measurement. A rule of thumb here is that the vanity top’s measurement should always be an inch wider and deeper when compared to the vanity cabinet.

You should also not forget about including filler strips into your measurements. A filler strip basically a piece of wood used to close any gap between the vanity and the wall. Add an extra inch to your measurement for the filler.

Different Bath Vanity Styles

There are two basic styles for vanity cabinets: the built-in and freestanding style. That’s the gist of it and it’s pretty self-explanatory. The built-in style is more suited for bathrooms with larger spaces while the freestanding style is recommended for smaller bathroom spaces.

Other factors that you need to consider when buying a bath vanity:

  • Finish – You can choose from a variety of vanity finishes from wood to glass. It also comes in a variety of colors. You can even choose to color it yourself for a more personalized touch.
  • Aesthetic Compatibility – Will it match with your bathroom’s interior design? How about the mirror? Some bath vanities are sold with mirrors with a similar design.
  • Faucets – Get a vanity cabinet that has pre-drilled holes for faucet installations. Most vanities are designed to be compatible with widespread and center-set faucets.

The Best Single Bath Vanities 24-Inches and Under

24-Inch Pick: Fresca Hartford 24-Inches Traditional Bathroom Vanity

hartford 24 inch bathroom vanity
Image: Amazon

The Fresca Hartford is made of solid wood veneer on top of wooden frames with MDF panels (Medium-density firewood). MDF panels are considerably more durable than plywood making the Fresca Hartford Bathroom Vanity a durable option compared to others sold online.

The overall dimensions of the Hartford are as follows: 23 5/8″ W x 17″ D x 35″ H. The 35″ height is measuring at the top of the back splash where it meets the wall. At the front of the sink it measures 34 inches.

The set includes the base cabinet, countertop, ceramic sink and installation hardware. This vanity features dual soft closing doors that use satin nickel handles. The belly bowl sink is designed for center-set faucets (4″ spread only). 

For convenience, the vanity base arrives assembled which saves you from a lot of the hassle of assembly which other vanities require. You will have to mount the sink onto the base (using liquid nails) and install door handles.  There pre-drilled holes in top back panel of the vanity to secure the vanity to the wall. You’ll also want to add a bead of  silicon to the back wall as well between the wall and cabinet. Overall it’s relatively easy to put together.  The Fresca Hartford comes in gray (pictured above) as well as white and black finish.

The vanity does not include the matching mirror in the picture but it can be purchased separately.


  • A perfect blend of traditional and modern aesthetics.
  • The sink is larger compared to other 24-inch bathroom vanities.
  • The compact and space-saving design makes it perfect for bathrooms with limited space.
  • Sturdy cabinet door hinges.


  • Some issues in transit for delivery. The ceramic sink prone to chips and crack during shipping.  

20-Inch Pick: Simpli Home Paige Bath Vanity with White Quartz Marble Top

The Simpli Home Paige Bath Vanity Cabinet is a compact yet sturdy masterpiece. This single sink vanity comes with two cabinet doors. It is made from a high-grade hardwood frame with scalloped legs.

This vanity has pre-drilled holes for center-set faucets as well. The overall dimension of the Simpli Home Paige Vanity is 21 x 21.5 x 33.8 inches (W x D x H).

This vanity arrives pre-assembled and all you need to do is to install the top. The sink is made from porcelain material so proper care is vital during transportation and installation. The depth of the sink is at 7.6 inches and is deep enough to prevent splashes. A 20-inch bath vanity would be perfect for households with children. 

Simpli has this same vanity in Soft White (and Gray as pictured). It also sells other sizes including a 24 inch model.


  • Great size for children to use.
  • Perfect for a small bathroom.
  • Well-built and easy to install.
  • Deep sink to prevent splashes.


  • The feel and build of the counter top are less than some would expect. It’s actually marketed as “

16-Inch Pick: Fine Fixtures Small Bathroom Vanity Cabinet and Sink

Fine Fixtures delivers one of the most compact and space-saving bathroom vanity cabinets on the market today. It is pre-drilled and perfect for a 4-inch center-set faucet. It features a round overflow to prevent splashes.

The vanity cabinet is made of sturdy pressed wood. The drawer is high gloss lacquer and has matte chrome handles. This vanity perfectly captures that modern luxury appearance.

The bathroom vanity cabinet has an overall dimension of 16 ½ x 11 x 33 ½ inches (W x D x H). The sink has a measurement of 17 7/8 x 15 x 6 1/8 inches (W x D x H). The Fine Fixture Vanity Cabinet is installed and screwed to the wall so take that into account.


  • A perfect choice for those with extremely limited bathroom space.
  • High-end design.


  • Pressed wood not solid wood, although in this price range that is the norm.

Final Thoughts

Installing a bath vanity not only spruces up your bathroom’s look, it is also a convenient way to improve storage options without sacrificing space. For those with medium to the small bathroom’s (perhaps a half or three quarter bath) a 24-inch and below bath vanity cabinet is the way to go. Hopefully, this article has helped you in determining the right vanity cabinet for your bathroom. Keep in mind the guidelines stated earlier and you will have no problem picking the perfect bath vanity cabinet for your home.