Difference Between Bath Sheets and Bath Towels

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It is often that we hear words “Bath towel” and “Bath sheet” thrown around… Often enough that some of us might find ourselves struggling to find the difference between the two. It is easy to get bath towels and sheets mixed up and that is why we prepared this article for you.

Bamboo bath Towels

Bath sheets and towels can differ in many ways. We have prepared a list of different features to help you make the right choice!

Size: When it comes to size, bath sheets are usually bigger. Bath towel sizes can range from  27 inches by 52 inches and up to 30 inches by 58 inches for the largest towels. In comparison, the smallest bath sheets are much larger- generally around 35 inches by 60 inches.

Because of their size, bath sheets are much easier to wrap up around your body. On the other hand, bath sheets can be too big for wrapping around your hair, whereas bath towels can be the perfect size for that purpose.

Price: Bath sheets and towels can vary in price to a great extent. Bath sheets are usually more expensive due to their size and the quality of the material. Both sheets and towels can cost anywhere from $3 to $75 per sheet or towel. The price difference also depends on the manufacturer and the brand selling them.

Material: Bath Sheets vs. Bath Towels

Bath sheets and towels alike can be made from different types of materials. Here are some of the most common fabrics:

  • Organic cotton– Growing conventional cotton is a very chemical-intensive process. These chemicals have a great
Cotton Bath Towels

impact on air, water, and soil, as well as the health of people growing it and wearing it. That is why it is important to support organic cotton farming This is a type of cotton that hasn’t been treated with unnatural fertilizers or pesticides and it is very environment-friendly.

organic bamboo growing
Fresh Bamboo Plant

Bamboo fibers are very flexible and color-fast. Bath sheets and towels made from a cotton/bamboo blend are naturally mildew-resistant and antibacterial. Check out our favorite bamboo bath towels.

Absorbance: Bath Sheets vs. Bath Towels

Bath sheets and towels can differ in absorbance due to various reasons. Usually, bath sheets are more absorbent since they often represent a more luxurious alternative to a towel. This is not always the case, therefore, it’s important to consider the list below when looking for a perfect sheet/towel. Bamboo bath sheets have become more popular recently because of their softness and feel.

  • Bleaching– Bleached towels and sheets are much less absorbent due to the damage that was caused by bleaching the fibers. Bleaching can shrink the fibers and make them stiff and rough. The same implies for using aggressive laundry detergent.
  • Yarn thickness- thicker yarn doesn’t allow fibers to spread while absorbing liquids. Bath sheets and towels made from thinner yarn are much more absorbent, as there is much more room for the fibers to expand when absorbing.
  • GSM: Amount of material used to make the towel/sheet- the measure to pay attention to is GSM (grams per square meter). GSM over 500 is a good indication of a high-quality sheet/towel.
  • Fabric softener– using fabric softeners on your bath sheets and towels leaves a residue on a fabric that makes it more soft and slick. This residue makes materials less absorbent since water molecules slide off the material instead of being absorbed.

Beach towel… A lost cousin?

kids wrapped in beach towels

A third category that can often be mixed up with bath towels and sheets are beach towels. A common misconception is that beach towels can be used in the bathroom as well and that the only difference is the design. Here are some little-known facts about beach towels.

  • A beach towel actually has two sides- one for drying your body and one for sitting and sunbathing on it.
  • Beach towels are usually much thinner than bath towels, which makes them less absorbent. They can dry pretty quickly in the sun, which makes them convenient for sunbathing.
  • Beach towels come in various colors and design so that they are easier to spot in a sea of beach towels. If you bring your bath towel to the beach, you might have trouble finding it. Using your beach towel for showering is also not a good idea since it has to be washed in low temperatures because of its color and material.

As you can see, bath sheets and towels can differ in many different ways. In this article, we discussed price ranges and size ranges of towels and sheets, as well as their absorbance and the material they could be made of. Finally, we mentioned a third category that is commonly mixed up with bath sheets and towels- beach towels. We presented you with some little-known facts about beach towels and explained why it’s a bad idea to use beach towels for showering.

We hope that you found this article helpful!

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