Best Bamboo Bath Sheets

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We’ve already talked about the best bamboo bath towels, but if you’re looking to purchase something a bit bigger, you might want to consider buying a bamboo bath sheet instead. These are usually 6 inches wider and 5 inches larger than regular

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towels, making it easier to wrap them around yourself when you leave the shower or bathtub and provide a bit of extra luxury. 

They aren’t as easily found as their smaller counterparts, but we’ve gathered the best bamboo bath sheets and assessed their attributes for you, to help you get a better idea of each product before going in for the purchase.

After our research, we’ve concluded that the Bamboo Bath Sheet by Cariloha seems to be one of the best options out there… But wait! Don’t rush it. Read our full review to see if that product’s attributes fulfill your needs.

What to consider:

Size: If you’re specifically looking for a bath sheet, size might be one thing you may want to consider. Some people find certain towels too big, even if its measures wouldn’t generally categorize it as a sheet. It is important that you know or at least have a general idea of the size of sheet you’re looking for. Bath sheets are great for tall men, larger waists that need a little extra girth or just anyone who enjoys the feeling of being wrapped up in a bigger towel. 

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Bath sheets are larger than towels and are nice to wrap up in after bath or shower.

Softness: Just like with regular bath towels, it is important to consider how soft the sheets are. Since these are commonly used to be wrapped around the body, the softer they are comfortable they will feel. Some may argue that softness is even more important in bigger towels!

Absorbent capabilities: Another common attribute to consider between towels and sheets. In a sheet, you get a bigger area to soak up water from your body. If a sheet is absorbent enough, you’ll save a lot of time in the whole process between showering and putting on your clothes.

Bamboo Bath Sheets to Consider:

Bamboo Bath Sheet by Cariloha:

Bamboo Bath Sheet by Cariloha:
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This one product might appear to be a tad expensive considering the purchase only gets you a single unit, but the quality does seem to make up for it. The bath sheet is incredibly soft and highly absorbent. It should dry even quicker than other towels we’ve reviewed, even with its relatively large size.

In fact, the size on its own seems to be a superior attribute even when compared to some of the largest towels on the market. It would be considered big even for a beach towel, and it’s definitely easy enough to wrap around one of these bath sheets.

It’s also incredibly good at staying odor-free, even after drying up on its own many times before washing it.


  • A huge bath sheet allows you to dry out comfortably after the shower.
  • It’s very absorbent and incredibly comfortable, probably even more than the other two bath sheets we reviewed.
  • It doesn’t retain  odor after each use.
  • It should feel well-crafted on touch and the fabric allows water to dry up very quickly.


  • Although the images on sale show up to 3 towels, the purchase only gets you one.
  • It’s an expensive accessory – definitely for those willing to pay for it. It’ll probably be worth it, though!

Turkish Bamboo Towel Set
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Turkish Bamboo Towel Set by ixirhome:

Although not technically categorized as sheets by the manufacturer, these towels have a size that many would consider large for a regular bath towel. They are comfortable and they absorb water greatly.

Although large, the bath sheet itself is pretty thin. In any case, that doesn’t take away from its softness. It does make them considerably lighter than the average bath sheet. Some tend to get even heavier when you use them as they absorb a significant amount of water, but these sheets stay relatively light in weight even after using them.

They are made 70% from bamboo and 30% from high-quality Turkish cotton, which is one of the best combinations of fabrics that you can get on the market. As a huge plus, they dry up very quickly!


  • They are soft and should make you feel comfortable even when ‘wearing’ them after the shower.
  • Very lightweight bath sheets.
  • The blend of bamboo and cotton fabric almost guarantees the quality of the product.


  • Some buyers could feel like they are a bit too thin – if you don’t like thin towels, we advise you to look somewhere else.
  • They aren’t really plushy, considering their thickness.

Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel by Chakir Turkish Linens:

Luxury Hotel & Spa bath sheets
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This product also uses a blend of bamboo and Turkish cotton, as bigger towel manufacturers tend to do to keep a high standard of quality. They aren’t extremely large by any means, but they are large enough to be considered bath sheets and thick enough to feel plushy when you touch them.

The size is probably the standout feature from these towels. You get a set of 4 with each purchase and you can also choose from the manufacturer’s selection of colors. They are soft, very absorbent and chemical-free.

Customer support from the manufacturer also seems to be top-notch, with numerous complaints answered and a wide array of customers assisted.


  • They seem to lose pretty quickly the original smell that they have once you unpack them. One wash should be enough to make them gain the smell of your detergent!
  • Very soft and plushy accessory that comes in a very large size.
  • They absorb water incredibly quickly and the cotton allows air to pass through properly, which helps in the drying process.


  • You should wash them very carefully or the fabric could come off in some areas of the towel.
  • If your main objective is to purchase an incredibly soft towel, there might be other options that better suit your needs.

Final Verdict:

After giving it a lot of thought, we’ve concluded that the Bamboo Bath Sheet by Cariloha comes out on top when compared to the other products. Granted, you might have to pay a bit more for it than the average towel or even set of towels, but this bath sheet seems to almost assuredly guarantee the purchase of a top product.

If these seem a bit too big for you, we also reviewed the best bamboo bath towels for you! You can check it out here.