American Standard Reviews | Is It a Good Brand?

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American Standard is one of the most popular brands of bathroom fixtures, and not just in the US. They have been manufacturing top-notch bathtubs, toilets, sinks, showers, and faucets for over 140 years. Health, responsibility, safety, and beauty are their main focus.

The brand does not believe in settling with the status quo. They always strive to challenge themselves, even if they are already the best at what they do. You can see this resonate with each product they create, and every innovation they pioneer.

American Standard knows the responsibility that has been thrust into its hands. As one of the leading names in its field, they are aware that millions of people from all around the globe are using their products at homes, hotels, restaurants, universities, and even big arenas like sporting stadiums. As such, it is not enough to merely deliver average performance. 

They aim to wow and to stand out. Because of this, when you hear the name American Standard, you can – without giving it a second thought – say confidently that yes, that is a good brand that I trust.

Their product lines merge great design, high-quality performance, and sustainable, eco-friendly engineering to cater to people’s needs as well as those of the planet’s.

American Standard is part of the parent company, LIXIL Water Technology. LIXIL is the largest and leading name in sanitaryware all over the world. It operates in 50 countries, with two research and development centers and 50 production facilities across the globe. Other brands under LIXIL include INAX, JAXSON, and GROHE.

American Standard History

1875 – The first name of American Standard was the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company, which was founded in 1875.

1899 – It merged with several small plumbing companies in 1899 to form its current structure. The company paved the way for many improvements in the industry of plumbing during the early years of the century. These included built-in tubs, one-piece toilets, combination faucets (delivered tempered water by mixing hot and cold water), and tarnish- and corrosion-proof chrome finishes for brass fittings.

1929 – The brand was the world’s biggest bathroom fixture producer. Later this year, it merged with the American Radiator Company, giving birth to the new American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation

1967 – The corporation adopted its current name, American Standard.

2008 – In February of 2008, a merging of American Standard Americas, Eljer, and Crane Plumbing formed the American Standard Brands.

2013 – LIXIL Corporation purchased American Standard.

2015 – American Standard became part of the LIXIL Water Technology business unit.

To this day, American Standard is leading the way in coming up with new and exciting bath and kitchen products, which have continuously challenged existing standards in the country and across the globe. They keep developing innovations to improve daily living, health, and environmental responsibility both at home and in industrial or commercial applications. It’s no surprise that it is one of the most trusted brands in its field.

White Ceramic Bathtub | Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

American Standard Product Lines

We’ve handpicked a few of the latest and best product ranges from American Standard. Check them out below.

Spectra+ Collection

The Spectra+ Collection boasts of the brand’s best technological innovations when it comes to showering. A great example is their Spectra+ eTouch Shower Head, which has made it easy to go from one spray pattern to another using a remote control. Then, there the Spectra+ Duo Shower Head, which gives you a 2-in-1 shower experience. 

The entire collection gives, more than anything, flexibility AND control. Each piece in the collection is geared with advanced tech and creative designs to make showering more convenient and satisfactory. It’s designed for every age: kids, adults, and seniors can enjoy these showers with no doubt regarding safety and accessibility. The entire family can enjoy this collection because it is very user-friendly.

SpaLet® Bidet Toilet Seats & Toilets Collection

The SpaLet® Bidet Toilet Seats & Toilets Collection is probably one of the brand’s biggest, shiniest gems. It makes such a statement, too – one that might just question toilet etiquette in America. Here’s why.

Undoubtedly, water is able to clean better than paper. This is why we bathe, shower, and wash our hands with water. This is why we don’t just wipe our bodies and faces with paper. So the brand’s question is: why shouldn’t we do the same for our bottoms when we do business in the toilet?

The SpaLet® Bidet Toilet Seat lets you experience the best hygiene possible while maintaining personal comfort. This technology is “refreshing”, to put simply. Plus, it’s very easy to install, and even easier to use. This tech isn’t one of those futuristic pieces that intimidates you with complex controls. You can choose from three models that will all give you a high quality clean.

To be honest, American Standard has to make this case mainly here in the US. The rest of the world has been using bidets for decades, and some for centuries. Bidets are even placed in public restrooms in many Asian countries. There is a great reason why using water to wash ourselves is becoming more popular with the rest of the world: it’s the better way.

Paper can spread germs (even if you cannot see them with your naked eye). Why use such a risky method when a more comfy, more hygienic option is widely available? American Standard has been producing and selling bidets in Japan, for instance, for over 50 years. That’s 5 decades of hygienic washing using water, while Americans are left with toilet paper.

More specifically, the brand INAX has been manufacturing bidets with the rest of the LIXIL company. They have been bringing the same innovation present in the SpaLet® collection to millions of homes and establishments. This is a comforting thought for us consumers because they’ve been doing it for a long time now, so this tech isn’t exactly “new” for them. 

Pair the 50-year old and state-of-the-art Japanese technology with the trustworthiness of the North American leader in bathroom ware, American Standard. What do you have? The perfect way to redefine daily living and personal hygiene, especially at home.

Here are some of the main features of the collection:

  • Advanced Cleansing System – With the SpaLet seats, you get different cleansing systems that are customizable depending on your needs and preferences. Attention has been poured into every small detail, letting you relax and enjoy a refreshing way of cleaning. Most other bidets use a single nozzle, limiting your options in terms of cleansing and positioning.
  • Narrow/Wide Bidet You can adjust the nozzle’s spray pattern so that the warm water (infused with air) can provide the right level of a soothing shower, even gentle enough for women’s delicate areas.
  • Two Nozzles – Two spray nozzles create independent rear and front cleaning, which you can modify using 5 position adjustments.
  • Posterior Cleanse – You can choose from 2 rear cleansing modes. One is stronger and more direct. The other one is broader and gentler.
  • Massage PulsesThe nozzle creates a gentle stream of pulsating water that “massages” the area for a more thorough cleansing.

Champion Toilet Collection

The Champion Toilet Collection is a brainchild of American Standard’s innovative powers. These toilets feature superior flushing. These are clog-free, as well. Now that’s actually delivering to the promise of “improving daily life”. These are high-efficiency toilets, which means they save water, and in turn saving you money.

These toilets rest comfortably at the current highest standard of the industry in terms of flushing performance, clog elimination, and flush cleanliness and efficiency. 

You can pick from a wide array of designs and colors to fit your current bathroom decor.

Contemporary Bathroom Fixtures
Contemporary Bathroom Fixtures | Photo by Vecislavas Popa

Is American Standard a Good Brand?

Yes, American Standard is a good brand. In fact, it’s one of the most competitive and innovative brands in the industry of sanitaryware today. 

The vision of the brand is to make life safer, healthier, and more beautiful whether you are at home, traveling around the world, or at work. They have been solving plumbing problems for over a century. They have, during their 140 years, definitely raised the standards of the field. Even after accomplishing this, they are still constantly discovering new technologies and solutions for everyday life.

Right now, this brand is the North American leader in plumbing and sanitaryware manufacturing. They offer high-quality fixtures, sinks, faucets, whirlpool tubs, and several other wellness products for the bathroom and kitchen.

American Standard caters not just to homeowners, but also business owners. After all, water and bath fixtures are required virtually everywhere. The brand has been delivering water-efficient products for new homes and new buildings, as well as for renovating or remodeling efforts. 

Working with a large network of wholesalers, distributors, retailers, hardware shops, online retailers, specialty merchants, and showrooms, American Standard products have reached more homes and establishments than ever, here and overseas.

CEC and CALGreen Compliance for Residential Use

At this day and age, it’s just socially responsible to do your part – no matter how seemingly small – to help save the earth. We can start with conserving natural resources, such as water. 

American Standard is doing its part, you can be sure of it. Their toilets, shower faucets, bathroom faucets, and kitchen faucets are CEC and CALGreen compliant. These aren’t just good for the environment but are also good for your budget.

  • Toilets – American Standard’s High Efficiency and Ultra High Efficiency (HET, UHET) toilets save water by using only a maximum of 1.28 gallons of water per flush.
  • Bathroom Faucets – Their bathroom faucets save 20% more water.
  • Shower Faucets – Their shower faucets can conserve up to 30% of water with a 1.8 GPM showerhead and/or shower faucet.

The company, as well as the parent company LIXIL Corporation, believes in the importance of sustainability as a part of socially responsible business practices. It is the main factor that they always put into consideration with every product they create and technology they innovate. 

To maximize their impact (positively) on society and in their respective industries, they make sustainability the CORE of everything they do.

They aim to create state-of-the-art and standard-challenging water fixtures to reduce the carbon footprint and negative ecological impact that every American Standard consumer creates daily. They work with a commitment to sustainability, ethical work practices, and safety for all customers. And, of course, the goal is to provide customers with products that stand the test of time, are sanitary and safe, and good for the body, environment, and society.

Learn more about CEC Compliance Guidelines and the CalGreen Building Standards

American Standard Warranty

If you purchased an American Standard product, you can register your item here.
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Where to Buy American Standard

Find out where to buy American Standard products, whether online, in showrooms or local retailers near you. Check your options from their official list.

See here for official showrooms. You can visit a local retailer for one-stop-shopping solutions. Here is a list of the official list of local retailers. If you want to buy wholesale, you can check this page out. 

American Standard has partnered with a number of online retailers to carry its product lines. You can check all authorized online retailers here

Buy authorized American Standard products from Amazon, Houzz, or Wayfair.