10 Best Two Piece Toilets -2020 Toilet Reviews

A toilet is a sanitation hardware used to collect human waste. Toilets can either be with or without water but it wasn’t until the 3rd millennium BC that the first-known urban sanitation system in the world came into existence, thanks to the Indus Valley Civilization. It was during this time that toilets and sewers were … Read more

10 Best Dual Flush Toilets -2020 Toilet Reviews

Toilets and sewers were first invented during the 3rd millennium BC, with the Indus Valley Civilization known as the home of the first urban sanitation system in the world. Toilets are used to collect and dispose of human waste and can be with or without water. Now, this piece of hardware is present in almost … Read more

9 Best Wall Hung Toilets (2020 Toilet Reviews)

Wall-hung toilets are perhaps the most unique-looking among the different kinds of toilets in today’s modern times. Consisting of a toilet bowl that seems suspended above the floor, its tank is commonly hidden inside the wall of a bathroom via an in-wall tank system. Wall-hung toilets are suitable for areas with limited space, although installation … Read more

Mansfield toilets review

Mansfield Toilet Reviews 2020: Which One Should You Buy?

What are the three main things you want in from your household toilets? From a comfortable height, elongated bowls to dual flushing systems―there are several things to consider before you purchase a toilet. However, it all comes down to style, efficiency, and affordability in the end. Luckily, Mansfield offers you all that and more. The … Read more

kohler logo

7 Best Kohler Toilets (2020 Toilet Reviews)

Kohler toilets are among the most popular toilet brands in the world. The primary reason for this is their continuous efforts to upgrade their models. They try their best to provide you with all the latest toilet innovations in the industry. Plus, we also admire the fact that these inclusions don’t hinder the comfort and … Read more