9 Best Wall Hung Toilets (2021 Toilet Reviews)

Wall-hung toilets are perhaps the most unique-looking among the different kinds of toilets available on the market. With this style of toilet, the bowl is suspended above the floor, its tank is commonly hidden inside the wall of a bathroom via an in-wall tank system. Wall-hung toilets are suitable for areas with limited space, although … Read more

Mansfield toilets review

Mansfield Toilet Reviews 2021: Which One Should You Buy?

Please note: As of 2021, we have not been able to find any Mansfield toilets available online after repeatedly checking on Amazon, Lowes and Home Depot. Although we did find some inventory left on WayFair. After some digging we found that the company signed an exclusive partnership with Lowes and that starting in July 2021, … Read more

Glacier Bay Toilets

5 Best Glacier Bay Toilet Reviews 2021

Did you know? Home Depot sells an exclusive line of high-efficiency toilets for residential and commercial usage. Everyone knows that Home Depot sells a wide range of products for home improvement projects. So you’re bound to find all kinds of bathroom supplies under its roof. The company is a stickler for details and eco-friendly designs. … Read more