Best Way to Color Bath Bombs Naturally | Non-Toxic Colorants

Bath bombs can be a nice addition to your bubble bath.  These fragrant colorful balls turn your bathtub into a psychedelic mishmash of colors and contain an explosion of tantalizing smell. While you can buy bath bombs at your specialty store, it is always nicer to actually make one yourself. Making bath bombs is pretty … Read more

How to Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh Naturally

Your bathroom is likely the one room in your house that tends to smell pretty rough.  Cleaning the bathroom every day isn’t usually a possibility with busy schedules, so there has to be some way that you can keep the odors at bay, right?   Smells in the bathroom come for a good reason.  I … Read more

Portugal Soap

Soaps from Portugal | Best Portuguese Bath Soap Brands

It is unknown to many, but bath soaps are among the must-have products to try if you visit Portugal. In fact, they have a rich history and culture of soap making. It all started with Claus Porto, the country’s first ever soap makers – back in 1887. To this day, that company and many others … Read more

Moroccan Clay

Moroccan Clay | Rhassoul vs Red Clay Benefits | Skin & Hair

Morocco is famous for many things, one of which is their varied assortment of clays. They come in different colors and are used mainly to treat and pamper the hair and skin. Two of these are Rhassoul and Red Clay. These have gotten famous in the past few years, but the truth is that they … Read more

woman on toilet after hip surgery

Helping Elderly with Incontinence | Hygiene + Social & Emotional Stress

There are over 40 million elderly people in America. These 65-and-older Americans represent a wide spectrum of experiences and social-economic backgrounds that can’t be neatly boiled down to one demographic. Yet, despite this diversity of life experiences, most of them will face the same problem: incontinence. For loved ones and caretakers, dealing with the problems … Read more