How and Why to Use Bath Salts | Benefits of Using Epsom Salts

Bath salts aren’t just for the bath tub anymore!  There are actually many different ways that you can use bath salts, and we will cover a few of these.  They have a variety of different benefits as well. Not only can they make your skin feel softer, but they can also provide your skin with nutrients that help to alleviate sore muscles, itching and other issues.  We will go into more of these benefits in just a bit and also clarify the difference between “bath salts” and “Epsom salts” below.

bath salts vs epsom salts benefits
Bath Salts are often a mix of Epsom salts and other ingredients such as natural fragrances and essential oils.

What Exactly Are Bath Salts?

Bath salts are essentially just fine mineral particles that dissolve in water.   They are fortified with minerals, and they help to soften up your water in your tub.  Some bath salts are even scented and help to give your water a perfumed scent. You can buy bath salts, or you can even make them at home!

Bath Salts vs Epsom Salts – What’s the Difference?

epsom salts are magnesium sulfate
Epsom Salts

A lot of people wonder what the difference is between bath salts and Epsom salts. Most bath salts are fortified with minerals, as we already discussed.  Epsom salts are similar. They are made up of magnesium sulfate. Bath salts, however, have other minerals and ingredients. Many of the bath salts that you see on the market these days contain Epsom salts, along with other ingredients.

When making your own bath salts at home, you will also use Epsom salts as one of the main ingredients in the blend.  Epsom salts are great for your skin as well though, because they help to boost the amount of magnesium in your body naturally.  So, while Epsom salts are great, you can get even more out of bath salts since they already have these salts and other beneficial ingredients.

The Benefits of Using Bath Salts

We discussed a few of the benefits of bath salts earlier, but let’s delve a little deeper so that you can see why you should be taking advantage of bath salts. Here are some of the best benefits:

  • They offer a relaxing aroma
  • They have cleansing properties
  • They can help relieve digestive issues
  • They can help with hormonal regulation
  • They can treat inflammation and other skin conditions
  • They can help you get a better night of sleep
  • They can help to relieve stress
  • They can get rid of toxins
  • They can relieve pains due to injuries or growing pains
  • They can be beneficial when it comes to treating arthritis

As you can see, they are quite versatile when it comes to offering benefits.

How to Use Bath Salts

bath salts for soaking
Bath salts can be combined with natural fragrances and essential oils to make a relaxing bath soak.

Most people seem to think that you simply throw some of the salts into your tub and enjoy, but that really isn’t the proper way to use bath salts.  It is really a good idea to wrap them in a porous cloth and tie it off, because it keeps the coarse salts from just swishing around the bottom of the tub.  If you have ever just tossed them in, then you know that uncomfortable feeling of sitting on those coarse chunks of salt!

Aside from using them in the tub, you can also use them in other ways.  Let’s look at a few of the many uses for bath salts.

#1 – Make a Wonderful Foot Soak

Soaking your feet in warm water with bath salts can be a great way to soften up the skin on the bottom of your feet so that you can get your feet looking great for summer time.  It helps to soften up your cuticles, and also provides your feet with added mineral nourishment.

#2 – Make Your Hair Look Better

Did you know that bath salts combined with conditioner can help to give your hair some added volume?  If you want your hair to have a little more oomph, then consider mixing some bath salts with your conditioner.  Put it into your hair, and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Rinse it out, and then dry your hair and style as usual.  

#3 – Clean Your Face

Bath salts can actually be a great way to clean your face.  Use your regular cleanser, but add a little bath salts in with it and make a facial scrub.  This can exfoliate your pores, and help to get all of the crud out of them. Afterwards, just rinse your face and use a good moisturizing cream.

#4 – Exfoliate!

Exfoliation is so important.  Our skin tends to flake away and dry out over time, and replenish itself.  That dead skin is sloughed off naturally for the most part, but exfoliation is a key to ensure that you keep your skin soft and keep the dead skin gone.  You can use bath salts to help exfoliate the skin all over your body.

#5 – Treat Your Bruises

Did you know that you can actually treat bruises with bath salts?  They have healing properties, and if you dissolve them into water and dip a warm compress into the water, it can make a great treatment for bruises.  It is also safe enough to use several times a day, so you can repeat it as needed.

#6 – Clear Your Sinuses

Finally, you can use bath salts to help clear your sinuses.  If you do this, we recommend not using any that are too perfumed.  It is a good idea to go with unscented bath salts if you want to use them for this reason.  Fill a bowl with boiling water, and put in a couple of tablespoons of bath salts until they dissolve.  Place a towel over your head, and inhale the steam from the boiling water and bath salts to open up your sinus cavities and help you to breathe.

It is easy to see that bath salts have a variety of purposes.  If you are looking to make the most of your bath salts, consider using these methods.  Not only will you reap a ton of great benefits, but your skin will look and feel amazing afterwards.